Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ever consider yourself, "GOD"S VERY BEST LITTLE HELPER?"

There is a healthy helping others with their burdens!
But, everyone is to carry their own load! Very important!!!!
We usually get this part mixed up and help WRONG! Well, in recovery we call it ENABLING! Yes, that usually coincides with the another term "Codependent"!!! What is a hard pill to swallow is that with all our genuine efforts to help, rescue, cover, sugar-coat, control or fix someone elses character defects we actually end up "HELPING" wrong and prolonging OUR agony of someone elses addiction! That's right with our help they stay addicted even longer! The insanity that goes with it tortures us nice-self-righteous-helper types even MORE!! Hah! Are we really addicted to the addict's doings or not doings? Maybe so! So when you say you are at the meeting to be a support to your little addict think again! What we need help for is to work on our own sick issues of perhaps....enabling or codependency! To find out more go to a meeting! Our days of being someone elses activity monitor may be numbered! To let em go to crash and burn to suffer their own consequences may just be in the cards next! Keep Coming Back!!