Saturday, November 05, 2011

Do you have peace?  Do you sleep with sweet dreams?  Can you get rest?  Do you feel joy?

Simple questions but for some we can't answer YES to a single one of those .   Our lives are spent spinning our wheels, wasting energy on futile attempts to control others, situations, events, places or things.  We are angry, resentful and bitter or we are burning with jealousy over another's success or joyful life. We are controlling, we expect others to do things as we think they should be done or we are mad that they won't do it right according to our own distorted perceptions. We follow, set traps or stalk people waiting for them to fail or do it wrong and so then we feel,
"we are entitled" to tell them off as we see fit. On and on the negative energy spews forth from our inner being, driving others, screaming off into the night, away from us because of our personal insanities we are tormented with.  To be associated with us is like swallowing poison!  Unpleasant to everyone but sadly, we don't see it!

Self-Test Clue: is this you?

A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.  ~Dave Barry,

So, where do we draw the line with people "doing it wrong" all the time? 
#1 Let people LIVE!
 #2 Mind your own business! 

We are the insane ones to be the "activity police" of someone else's behaviors.  Let it go and take our OWN control issues to a support group before we destroy every decent relationship we have.  We have got to find out what drives us with such grandiosity to think, " it's my way or they are an idiot" mentality.  It's not them.  It is US, we are the sick ones needing help.  Save yourself and get into recovery today while you still have any friends.  Even if ALREADY, nobody likes being around you GET HELP ANYWAY.  Support groups or a therapist for anger issues and severe controlling tendencies are available in 12-step recovery.   Try a Celebrate Recovery near you.  Miracles are happening there and you can be set free and live a life of joy and peace!  It's true there is HOPE!


Jasmine said...

Really good Cary, I think we can all find ourselves in some of these issues and we can change them. I know I am working through some of this!

mzeatright said...

Ya it's all about finding ourselves here peeling back one layer at a time just like the onion! Thx for sharing!