Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can we keep doing the same things and really SERIOUSLY expect a different result??

Insanity=doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result!
How many times do we do this kind of thing? Climbing into the vehicle empowered by alcohol thinking we are the best driver in the WORLD. How many DUI's or crashes will it take to learn that the poison that consumes us is a killer to us or other's? Maybe it's not alcohol you are powerless over. Is it money? How many overdraft charges or insufficient funds letters per month or year will it take to enlighten us to the fact there is a problem with the way we do business? Do we think the ATM is a slot machine? Do we stick our head in the sand writing checks we hope will be OK?
12 step recovery works if you work it. It meets the need with a miracle with whatever the venue is that has made our lives unmanageable! As we turn our lives and will over to HIM He can restore us to sanity so we can be a responsible, functioning member of society doing good to those we cross paths with! There is HOPE!


Anonymous said...

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mzeatright said...

Thank YOU for the nice words!