Monday, December 17, 2012

Recovery during the Holidays...

For many, this is a very difficult time.  Many of our families are broken and there is sickness, pain and trepidation involved in the anticipation.  We have a recovery family that can celebrate with us some very healthy new traditions.  There is a lot of fun going at some of our local meetings along with some of the best food ever!  Let us move forward with some good examples set before us.  St Nicholas for example made himself of service in secret!  He made the celebration of Christmas something special for folks that had no means of celebrating to the hilt like some families.  He secretly planned to give someone else a "prize" gift that they could have never truly expected in their circumstances.  We can do that.  We can plan a secret surprise for someone in need, or someone who has been especially kind to us during our insanities or someone right in front of us that is hurting more than ourselves.  We can make amends.   Honoring the true meaning of Christmas is celebrating that God did for us what we could NOT do for ourselves, He sent us a Savior and with Him comes PEACE, LOVE and JOY, acceptance and patience and kindness and long suffering....and FORGIVENESS!   Pay it forward is the best gift we can give.  God bless you during this time and GO TO A MEETING, and be of SERVICE somewhere! It's the best way to get out of our own head!  However< When it comes to our HEALTH?!?
 Save YOURSELF and lets NOT get Deadsies!
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