Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is the PINK ELEPHANT doing in your Living room??

Why is it so hard to ACKNOWLEDGE the pink elephant in the room?

The dynamics at home are different for everyone but really the toxic problem that is destroying the lives and relationships with those we love is the most difficult to confront. Why are we so afraid to step up and say, " HEY!" Why are we afraid to take the problem head on and set some boundaries to protect our peace, our happiness and our security? Isn't the potential loss from the upset offender less than what we are experiencing now? Yes, like the story of Jonah and the Whale, there was one person's direct disobedience to God that had circumstances that were harming everyone on the ship! All the innocent ones were suffering because Jonah was running from God's WILL! So guess what they did? They threw Jonah overboard to get some peace and sanity back! Guess what? NOW Jonah was God's problem (not theirs!) and God loved Jonah so much he saved his life as a whale came and swallowed him up and spit him out to safety once the misery (in the belly of the whale) did it's magic and led Jonah to repent! Then Jonah obeyed and served God and good things happened after that!

Sometimes we gotta just let go, NOT WATCH, and let GOD deal with some people before they are gonna get it. Pain, loss and sorrow will lead men to repent, not our constant rescuing, fixing, saving, covering up and certainly NOT us pretending the problem is not real! The sooner we confront the sooner a healing can happen, by the grace of GOD! Sometimes, for the one going down, they are in so much DENIAL about an issue they won't comprehend the truth until something BAD happens. That's the only way some people are gonna learn. So step away and let some miracles happen while you hide and pray! Just don't forget, TO PRAY!

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