Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Take a look around everyday and find something GOOD to give THANKS!

Giving thanks is part of moving on and letting go of resentments and anger and blame etc.  We are in charge of our own feelings and reactions to this thing called life.  Part of getting healthy and whole is getting everything we need for health and healing:  

  • STRESS is a robber of our peace,
  • Anger robs our joy,
  • HUNGER causes us to make rash unhealthful food choices that can weaken our immune system
  • Loneliness will push us into binging and relapse which is why we have to seek out connection! Meetings!
  • SLEEP helps our body rejuvenate and repair and renew itself!

Say YES to nutrients found in God's food from the garden!
Say YES to going outside in fresh air and sunshine to walk or run!
Say NO to sugar sugar sugar! Chemicals dyes, flavors; 
        These will weaken our body from fighting off colds and flu for starters.  Be worried about chemicals found in tap water and vaccines and GMO's being FED to our commercial dairy and beef products that are CAUSING mass illness OUT THERE that we don't mean for ourselves! 

There are places and things that we can get involved with using good energy to change this world for the GOOD!  Instead of circling the drain with the self sabotage habits like the days of old!  Save a life!  Starting with MINE!  By the grace of God, We gotta SAVE ourselves and NOT get DEADsies!

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