Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Turning it OVER, Letting GO and letting GOD....

Stress is as toxic as swallowing poison.  The stress and unrelenting worry placed on our adrenals and being in a constant state of "fight or flight" raises our cortisol which leads to hormone disruption, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and heart disease.  So, it is suggested, we TURN it OVER to God those things we are powerless over to change.  I can't, but HE can so, I think I'll let him and take a new ride down a road I've never been.  Peace and quiet and serenity until I try to take back control over things that are really, none of my business!

Learn to keep at bay your triggers!  Sometimes we need HELP to get back on track and pursue the road to HEALTH RECOVERY!
Check out my 6-week E-COURSE to learn the BIG PICTURE with action steps to taking you toward health & wellness as you are in recovery from a lifestyle that kicked your health to the curb!  There is HOPE there ARE things we can do!

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