Thursday, July 07, 2016

Do you wish you could "FEEL" amazing again?

There are things that we can do to support our sobriety process and assist the clearing of our mind!
Actually, during our time of acting out we really did a number on our spirit, soul AND BODY! There are a number of deficiencies that develop with our auto-intoxication that if not restored will land us into a preventable chronic disease.  Chronic disease evolves over time, chemically produced on a molecular level! If we get sober then in time our body can re-balance and rejuvenate but it takes a little time!  Good things are ahead when you start restoring your body with nutrients and lifestyle habits that will support your body to do its job, protect YOU from the enemy free radicals, carcinogens, virus and bacteria that can take us down!  Learn how to support your immune system, improve your strength, stamina & energy levels so that you can be of service to others!

Join me!  Lets do this online DIY e-class to get back in the saddle, day light is a burnin!  Learn the BIG PICTURE while on the road to recovery!

Health Recovery 101 The 6-week online EXPERIENCE!

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