Friday, July 01, 2016

Health Recovery 101 6-week EXPERIENCE!

After being OUT THERE doing ourselves in for possibly MANY years or decades, part of our recovery process will include improving our HEALTH status after we get our brain back right?

There is ALWAYS HOPE as long as we are walking and talking to get back in the saddle, put the pep back in our step and the sparkle back in our smile!  Learn how you can improve your strength, stamina and energy levels so that you can be of service, giving back in this world as you have completed your 12th step in recovery!

Becoming a person of light to someone else struggling in the trenches will happen as YOU share your own experience, strength and HOPE to others going through what you have gone through.  Coming out on the other side of addiction, pain and suffering will give you many opportunities that will be like divine appointments and SO WE NEED the strength and energy to be useful to others in this area!

Learn how you can peel back more layers to the onion by getting your own groove back!
Check out this 6-week online DIY Health Recovery 101 EXPERIENCE and save yourself!

Restoring our spirit, mind AND BODY takes some time and learn what you can do to feel amazing again and start possibly reversing some of the damage from years of being OUT THERE!

There ARE things we CAN DO!

follow me, I WILL SHOW YOU!


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